Happy Valentine’s Day, people!

  • DateFebruary 14, 2014

And welcome to the launch of our new website! We’re really excited to have a real website this time, instead of my amateurish efforts, and so I’m sending out a big thank you to Kai and Eric and the team at Canopy Media for pulling this all together at blinding speed!

They tell me, however, that it’s going to take a bit of time before Paperwhite makes it to the top of the search engine rankings…. Hmmmm, we’re all going to be doing Google searches for Paperwhite eight times a day, right??

IMG_1955We’re bustling already here at the Thornbury shop…. Melanie and the girls are wrapping gorgeous flowers and taking the mick out of each other and discussing unsolicited pictures from boys of their, um…man parts. Unclothed. (Just so we’re clear: Lads, it is never a good idea to text your junk to an unprepared gal. Get the okay first. You’re welcome.)

I’m probably not helping the situation because I’ve let my hand slip a bit (as my grandmother used to say) over their coffee cups with the Bailey’s bottle… Am I not the best boss EVER?

Well, what can I say? It’s all hilarity all the time here at Paperwhite. Come on in and join the fun — the chairs are comfy, Mel and the wiseacres (sounds like a country band!) will keep you entertained, and your valentine will love you (even more!) for it!

From my rosy, Irish cream-induced, Valentine’s haze,


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