Once Upon a Time on Wall Street…

…during yet another interminable committee meeting, in another nondescript boardroom, a bored executive sat staring out the window dreaming of a different life – one involving glorious flowers and colour and beautiful ribbon and art and lovely smells (and fewer blow-hards in suits!) – and from this sprang Paperwhite, the coolest little flower and framing shop in the Georgian Triangle. Owned and operated by Wendy (ex-bored Wall Streeter) with able assistance from right-hand woman, Melanie, our mission is to provide the freshest, most gorgeous floral designs available anywhere, to throw the most splendid parties for our clients, and to have a whale of a time while we’re at it!


Wendy received her floral and event design training at FlowerSchool New York, where she continues to take master classes with some of the greats: Matthew Robbins, Shane Connelly, and David Handy to name a few. She also apprenticed with a master framer in the New York area to learn proper mounting, matting, and framing techniques, an invaluable experience that saw her working on everything from original artist’s cartoon proofs (Flash Gordon No. 1!) to antique prints to oils by 20th century European masters. Unbeknownst to many, Wendy is also a singer – she performs locally at various venues, but most often with the Collingwood chamber choir known as ChoralWorks.


With almost 20 years of floral design experience (I know! Hard to believe! But she was a prodigy…), Melanie is the proverbial dab hand with anything green. Over the years since her training at the University of Guelph, she has amassed quite a following of dedicated and deliriously happy clients. Melanie is the mainstay of our shop in Thornbury…she loves what she does and it shows!